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art by aprilgem

12/14 - Added The Last Elven Flower to the Digital Gallery.

12/1 - Added Baby Mine, Resolutions, and The Bloodstone Chronicles. For now they are in the Bryce gallery, since they were mostly rendered in that program, but in a few months, when I redesign, they might move to another page. I've been sorely neglecting this gallery, and I apologize to my regular visitors. If you plan on buying prints, buy them soon; I plan to stop selling many of them next year.

9/12 - Added Laird Mackenzie's Curse and Sweet & Slow to the Bryce gallery. I also finally added Temptress to the Digital Gallery, and I've updated the About the Artist page so that there's a link to my other art site,

8/8 - Added My Body Is a Temple to the Bryce gallery.

10/4 - Added Cotton Candy Clouds to the Digital gallery.

8/10 - Added On Horseback to the Digital gallery.

5/28 - Added Black & White to the Digital gallery.

5/12 - Added Air to the Poser gallery.

4/29 - Added Alien Barbecue to the Digital gallery.

4/7 - Complete redesign -- grays, so that the only color comes from the artwork itself. Also, prints are now available. See the store and browse the galleries for more information. All comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome. Send e-mail.

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