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Site Map

Lost? Here's a rundown of the various pages on this site. The main navigation links can be found on your left and at bottom, the gallery navigation links on your right. Each artwork links back to the gallery page that refers to it.

The main entry and news page - also the index page.

Here's where you'll find information on commissioned work, available prints, and other items for sale.

The person behind the art -- background, inspiration, tools and techniques.

Links to community and gallery sites of which I'm a member and links to sites that make the tools I use. There is also the following:

  • WIPs & Tips [for now: Princess and the Pea]
    Where you will find my works in progress and various tutorials I plan on adding in the future.

  • Contests
    Here's where you'll find the online art contests I've entered, as well as the entries I submitted. Feel free to enter these contests as well -- the more the merrier!

The main portal to my various galleries, which include:

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